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katherine boyle

How to Win the Fight for America

We believe a strong America means a strong world. A safer world. A more civilized world, which is a term we should use more. And that technology is the backbone of maintaining this order and civilization and always will be.

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john coogan

the history of defense technology

We stand at the nexus of innovation and security, tracing the silent footsteps of visionary founders whose collaboration with the Department of Defense sculpted the bedrock of our nation's safety. Our history of unity and ingenuity is not just a chronicle of the past, but a blueprint for our future.

og panel

Joshua Marcuse, Lauren Dailey, Joshua Steinman, Ben Kohlmann, and William Treseder

“Getting the Department of Defense to cough up engaged end users is just as important as getting them to cough up a check. Remember empathy. This isn’t about you. It’s about 18 year old kids who are outside the wire in contact who might die. Think about their needs.”

shyam sankar

From Last Supper to First Breakfast

Software is a product of culture, and in turn culture is influenced by software. Embracing this dynamic has led to American dominance in this domain. We must wield American technical might and American culture in the service of U.S. national security.

vc panel

Spencer Peterson, Dayna Grayson, Alexa Liautaud, Chris O'Connon, and Mike Benitez

Historically the defense sector has not been a venture-backable category. And yet, we have more than 100 venture capital firms convened at the summit today. What has changed — and why now?

BLake Hall

leadership and service

We are all works in progress. We are messy, we are imperfect, we are beautiful — just like our country. America's values are perfect. Our history isn't. The point is we live life one way, and that is forward. It's worth fighting for and making tomorrow better than today.

DoD panel

DARPA, DIU, CDAO, and OUSD (R&E), jake chapman

Department of Defense leaders discuss forward-leaning commercial engagement and acquisition strategies.